Giles and the Goalie - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Its a landmark episode for Giles and the Goalie, as they record episode 100 at Tin Whiskers Brewing (@TinWhiskersBrew). They were also joined by the "Joey Bishop" of the show, Nate Wells (@gopherstate). Topics include:

-A history of why Minnesota sports are cursed.

-A quick debate on Premium or Nordeast

-Ben lists off things that makes Giles happy

-A very quick run through of Games One through Three

-Ben defends Devan Dubnyk

-Can the Wild comeback?

-Giles ponders why Niederreiter is a continuous scapegoat.

-Giles has a striking realization after five years.

-Giles offers many apologies.

-Reviews of the beers at Tin Whiskers.

-What happens to the team in the offseason?

-A dangerous opening of the mailbag.

-Reflections/Thank yous for the first 100 episodes.

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