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10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

May 28, 2017

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Giles & Ben were out of town, but they still got in a show over the weekend. To celebrate the 100 episode mark that the show crossed this year, they compiled some of their favorite clips from all the shows. 

The list includes:

-Episode 1: The Pilot/The James Taylor Episode

-Episode 13: Chur, Switzerland

-Episode 18: Giles hates the Avalanche

-Episode 23: The Big Omelette story

-Episode 26: Icetheticks

-Episode 36: Batman Rankings

-Episode 40: The 1st soup debate

-Episode 50: The Mooterus jersey

-Episode 52: Giles sings Pitbull

-Episode 62: Wedding Winnebago

-Episode 67: When to visit the Twin Cities

-Episode 85: Charlie impersonates Kenny Albert

-Episode 87: Chad Graff's Bryzgalov story