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10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Apr 11, 2016

It's a landmark episode for Giles & The Goalie, so we popped the cork on our go-to special event guest, the other goalie, Charlie Beattie. We had a wonderful dinner of a burger, a salad and a bowl of soup, and recorded a podcast.

-Charlie reiterates his hatred from John Buccigross

-Giles admits to leaving a Wild game very early, but for a good reason

-Ben rants about the Wild being mentally weak, again.

-The guys talk about the sorry week that was to close out the season

-Then the Dallas playoff series is previewed

-In true GatG fashion, they hate on Dallas' jerseys for a whole segment

-Charlie makes a bold prediction for the Wild playoffs, sort of

-A few classic GatG jokes are revisited and referenced