Giles and the Goalie - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

It's the annual Winter Meltdown episode! Giles and Ben post up at the Twins Daily Winter Meltdown and interview a cavalcade of stars!

-First joined by Dan and Pete of the Twins and Losses Podcast

We talk wrestling, soccer, and what it's like to escape from your mom's basement and meet all of your online friends IRL. We try to talk about the Wild, but we're very distracted by everything still, and Pete tried to sit on a bench that wasn't there, and then said a naughty word, turning this podcast explicit rated. 

-Then we're joined by Tom Schreier of

Tom has an exciting announcement! What could it be...?

-Next we were joined by our official Friends friend of the show Heather Rule, who writes everywhere, because she's awesome. 

We talked about whether Bruce Boudreau would be haunted by Game 7s with a franchise that's never lost one, and how gosh darn fun it is to be on top of the west. Also, lots of *Friends* talk, including the best sports moments from everyone's favorite 90's sitcom.

-Finally, we're joined by the Giggly Godfather himself, John Bonnes

John admits his lack of hockey knowledge, but then proceeds lay down some pretty good observations about the current Wild team, including called Ben out on his Yeo-defense at last year's Meltdown. We wrap up the show thanking John for the years at Wild Xtra, and he compliments us in return, because he's such a nice guy. 

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