10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

The guys return to recording live, despite the best fight being put up by their recording equipment.

-A review of Jared Spurgeon's contract extension and rampant speculation

-A review of the Alumni Game Jerseys, and rampant hot takes

-A review of the previous week, and rampant complaining

-A preview of the next week, and rampant optimism

-A discussion of the Winter Classic, and rampant criticism

-A review of Tampa Bay's jersey history, and rampant disgust

-A review of 2015, and rampant looking back

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The guys skype yet again, and bang out a solid 75 minutes of content for your listening pleasure. Ben hosts the show and gets a little rant-y, so you've been warned.

-They talk about Star Wars spoilers(not actual spoilers)

-A week in review, the typical Wild letdown

-The luxury of having two good goalies

-Looking ahead to the Holiday week

-#StripTheC update from Pittsburgh(?!)

-Comparing Chuck Fletcher to his peers, which isn't high praise

-A full review of the history of Penguins jerseys

-Giles got chirped by a 12 year old

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In this episode-

Giles talks about watching UFC, while Ben talks about watching the Wild at a bar

The guys review the last week, and lament the Wild's recent collection of loser points, but somehow remain positive

Some Michael Russo love

A brief mention of the savage beating the Canucks received

Lots of speculation about Jaret Stoll

The guys wonder what the fascination is with hockey player's wives

A preview of the the week ahead

A brief chat about upcoming jersey alterations

Giles professes his undying love for the handsome Henrik Lundqvist and Rangers jerseys

Ben fondly remembers some goalies masks from the 90's

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In this episode, the guys are joined by Twitter Trolling Legend Daniel Mick from the Going Local Podcast, a longtime friend of Giles and avid listener of the podcast. Topics discussed-

-Corruption in soccer, and wishing that upon the NFL

-How the Wild managed to avoid the swoon

-Giles' feelings on the third Mighty Ducks movie

-How concerned Wild fans should be about Kuemper starting

-Looking ahead to playing on the West Coast

-A full breakdown of San Jose's jersey history

-A full breakdown of Wisconsin beers

-Loads of exciting banter between Giles and Dan

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The guys chat over the interwebs after a dismal week from the Wild. Topics include-

-The mental fragility of the Wild

-The upcoming schedule and what it could mean

-Questions from listeners. Some great, some ok, some downright confusing.

-Extensive talk about the jerseys of the Toronto Maple Leafs

-Giles watching a James Bond film

-Kurtis Gabriel's confounding usage with the Wild

-Ben doing the dishes

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The GaTG Signal was lit, so Giles and Ben rushed to the nearest bar between their jobs and recorded an emergency podcast. The Stadium Series Jerseys were finally unveiled, and the guys minced no words with covering the latest addition to Wild uniform lore.

-We talked about the Jersey re-design contest at WildXtra.com

-We also talked about the week that passed, the banged up roadtrip

-We looked ahead to the rivalry week that surrounds Thanksgiving for the Wild

-We spent a fair amount of time talking about the roller coaster jersey history of the Vancouver Canucks.

-In case you're wondering, Giles' car was not towed, nor did he get a ticket.

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In this episode you can hear Giles and Ben talk about-


-Not doing housework


-Burying Mikael Granlund something fierce


-A lovable Austrian sniper


-Jason Pominville's percentage of hitting the net


-Dubynk's monthly splits so far


-A request for some Mullet time-lapse footage


-An in-depth jersey breakdown of the Boston Bruins


-Some talk about the Iowa Wild, set to the Benny Hill theme music


-A Christmas-themed Dad Joke from Giles


All this and much, much more

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Back to this season's one Giles, one Goalie setup, the guys discuss the week that was, the week that is, and the week that will be. You'll also find-

-Talk about the post-apocalyptic world following Zach Parise's injury

-Props to Duby

-We look forward to facing the Stars

-Fair warnings about knockoff jerseys

-Staunch defense of Kurtis Gabriel from a blogger

-A New segment- we preview an upcoming opponent by discussing their jersey history- This week- The Hurricanes/Whalers

-R.I.P. Emilio Estavez

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It's the one year birthday of the Giles and The Goalie podcast, and to celebrate, we went back to being Giles and The Goalies, by inviting Charlie to join us. We reminisced about lost podcasts lost, determined Charlie's qualifications to judge a hockey team. This, and much more.

-We find out about a favorite website of Giles, Ice The Ticks.

-Ever wonder how Wild Xtra started? We tell all, including some a fun story about one of Giles' twitter followers.

-Obligatory jersey talk

-Charlie talks about the over-reaction theater involved in early-season sports.

-We close by running down the NHL Department of Player Safety.

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After watching the Wild game against the Ducks at a bar, Giles and Ben talk about where the Wild are at in this young season. You find out that beer makes Giles forget things easily and makes Ben ramble on and on. Also, some Niklas Backstrom hating, Chris Porter hating, Chris Stewart defending, and Russo parody account hating. Included in this episode is also a discussion about when whitetail deer are in rut.

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Giles and Ben find themselves back at Tom Reid's in the middle of a memorabilia expo, where they basked in glorious jerseys before podcasting. After that, they talk about the absurdly small sample size of two games, Doctorgate, the Arizona Supersonics, are visited by a hornet, and predictably, wax on and on about jerseys for quite some time.

BONUS- This episode, you can actually hear Giles. It's a modern miracle of engineering.

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It's a season preview from Giles and the Goalie, as we're joined by College hockey journalist extraordinaire Nate Wells. Giles asks what we learned from the preseason, who's a breakout star for the Wild, and what our final prediction for the Wild is. Ben obliges with hot takes and Nate fondly recalls his close encounter with Thomas Vanek.

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Giles and Ben return on a somber note, carrying on the podcast after the departure of Charlie. The guys struggle to keep their emotions in check and somehow manage to find a way to ramble through an hour of season preview. Topics include a tip around the Central Division and some of the biggest questions surrounding the team during training camp.

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In this episode...



- We come out strong with some Showdown-appropriate theme music.


- Why you can't hate Devan Dubnyk's contract, but you can hate (and also feel for) Niklas Backstrom.


- Who got better and who got worse in the Central Division? 


- We get you sufficiently amped for another two years of Nate Prosser. Are you sitting down? Good, you were already sufficiently amped. 


- We talk extensively about the draft and development camp, and not in a childish way at all.


- We'll be back in September with more immaturity.


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In this episode.


- We go pick-by-pick through the first 20. We are guaranteed to get two right. 


- An in-depth interview with Internationally-known hockey writer and Pointer Sisters*

fan Nate Wells.







*This part might not be true. To be honest, the interview wasn't all that in-depth.


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In this episode:

- The GATG crew breaks down the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals, and mispronounces Teuvo seven different ways.

- Is Steven Stamkos underutilized? Did Ben Bishop have to poop or is he injured? Does Jon Cooper care? Are the Lightning a contender or just a patsy?

- A brief "Cheers" interlude

- Some early draft talk, and why the Wild need to go against type.

- Giles shows up sober as a bird this time, yet proceeds to drop a drink all over all of his draft notes. 


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In this Episode: 


- Is Giles pretty drunk? Tune in to find out.


- A quick look back at two game 7's, and a look ahead to the Stanley Cup Finals


- We speculate on the fabulous and mysterious life of John Bonnes. 


- The new Vikings stadium: eyesore or hideous monstrosity? And what does it have to do with the Rock of Gibraltar?


- Did we mention Giles was pretty drunk? It was spectacular. 

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In this episode:


- We discuss the Jared Spurgeon situation, so have your sadness tissues handy (whatever was left over from last week)


- A quick reaction to the opening games of the conference finals, featuring Chris Kreider's evil twin...Chris Kreider.


- Charlie rants about Kenny Albert, so little has changed. 


- A quick recap of the worst dine and dash of all time. 


- And much, much more


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In this episode,

Ben breaks out a depressing, one-time use only, intro, and closes with music that will send you into a homicidal rage. 

- The gang breaks down the playoff second round failure.

- What's a Chuck Fletcher to do in the offseason? 

- A discussion of each podcasters favorite piece of personal sports memorobilia.

- Giles tries, unsuccessfully, to save the Flames by wearing their jersey, while Ben rocks his "Miracle on Ice" Tretiak sweater. He is pulled from the podcast under mysterious circumstances after the first segment. 

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In this episode: 


Our good friend Mason drops by from the 5 Minute Major to drive up our F-bomb count.


Giles vs. the Wave


Recapping Games 1 & 2, and how Mason creeped out everyone at the #wildsupportgroup party on Friday. 


Mighty Ducks Four? Giles can only dream.


And  much more...

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In this Episode:


We break down the first two games of the Wild-Blues series.

Mourning the demise of "The Hamburglar"

A detailed analysis of all the Connor McDavid/Edmonton Oilers hot takes fit to print.

Giles pulls double-podcast duty.

Why is Charlie playing hockey with former presidential candidates?

All of this, a casual Ron Tugnutt reference, and much more. 




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In this episode 

Word association playoff predictions!

Righteous anger and indignation over EA Sports NHL 15 playoff simulation

We visit Chur, Switzerland, hometown of Wild forward Nino Niederreiter as well as the randiest coat of arms in the world (probably). 

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In this episode:


Ben and Giles break down the Wild clinch in Chicago, and playoff implications moving forward.


Ben describes his podcast travels.


Predictions, predictions and more predictions!


Podcasting After Dark: Ben and Giles look at the logos names for the possible Las Vegas NHL franchise. 

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In this episode:


We discuss the news of MLS coming to Minnesota, and what it all has to do with Real Madrid.


Impressive wins vs. beating the Maple Leafs. Which is more valuable?


Breaking (into) Vegas: The Devan Dubnyk for Vezina debate limps on. 


And we take you to Bonnyville, Alberta, home of Justin Fontaine, and the world's worst flag. 

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In this episode:


We breakdown the "rope-a-dope" victory in St. Louis, and discuss the worst "nearly" allowed goal in recent NHL memory.


The gang solves the problem with overtime (not really).


We start the Gary Bettman appreciation society, which is sure to catch on. 


Everybody hates the wave, in some cases violently. 



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In this episode, we discuss the insanity of Patrick Roy, the Vezina (nomination) chances of Devan Dubnyk, a post-mortem on the High School Hockey tournament and much, much more. Also, Giles teaches everyone the true pronunciation of R'as al ghul. God help you if you get it wrong. 

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In this episode, Giles and Ben celebrate the trade deadline by trading Charlie for burritos and a six pack. Really, it was just an elaborate excuse to get Charlie out of the way so they can discuss their favorite topic: hockey sweaters with dirty nameplates. 

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