10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

In this episode:


We discuss the news of MLS coming to Minnesota, and what it all has to do with Real Madrid.


Impressive wins vs. beating the Maple Leafs. Which is more valuable?


Breaking (into) Vegas: The Devan Dubnyk for Vezina debate limps on. 


And we take you to Bonnyville, Alberta, home of Justin Fontaine, and the world's worst flag. 

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In this episode:


We breakdown the "rope-a-dope" victory in St. Louis, and discuss the worst "nearly" allowed goal in recent NHL memory.


The gang solves the problem with overtime (not really).


We start the Gary Bettman appreciation society, which is sure to catch on. 


Everybody hates the wave, in some cases violently. 



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In this episode, we discuss the insanity of Patrick Roy, the Vezina (nomination) chances of Devan Dubnyk, a post-mortem on the High School Hockey tournament and much, much more. Also, Giles teaches everyone the true pronunciation of R'as al ghul. God help you if you get it wrong. 

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In this episode, Giles and Ben celebrate the trade deadline by trading Charlie for burritos and a six pack. Really, it was just an elaborate excuse to get Charlie out of the way so they can discuss their favorite topic: hockey sweaters with dirty nameplates. 

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