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In this episode:


- We discuss the Jared Spurgeon situation, so have your sadness tissues handy (whatever was left over from last week)


- A quick reaction to the opening games of the conference finals, featuring Chris Kreider's evil twin...Chris Kreider.


- Charlie rants about Kenny Albert, so little has changed. 


- A quick recap of the worst dine and dash of all time. 


- And much, much more


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In this episode,

Ben breaks out a depressing, one-time use only, intro, and closes with music that will send you into a homicidal rage. 

- The gang breaks down the playoff second round failure.

- What's a Chuck Fletcher to do in the offseason? 

- A discussion of each podcasters favorite piece of personal sports memorobilia.

- Giles tries, unsuccessfully, to save the Flames by wearing their jersey, while Ben rocks his "Miracle on Ice" Tretiak sweater. He is pulled from the podcast under mysterious circumstances after the first segment. 

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In this episode: 


Our good friend Mason drops by from the 5 Minute Major to drive up our F-bomb count.


Giles vs. the Wave


Recapping Games 1 & 2, and how Mason creeped out everyone at the #wildsupportgroup party on Friday. 


Mighty Ducks Four? Giles can only dream.


And  much more...

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