10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

The guys chat over the interwebs after a dismal week from the Wild. Topics include-

-The mental fragility of the Wild

-The upcoming schedule and what it could mean

-Questions from listeners. Some great, some ok, some downright confusing.

-Extensive talk about the jerseys of the Toronto Maple Leafs

-Giles watching a James Bond film

-Kurtis Gabriel's confounding usage with the Wild

-Ben doing the dishes

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The GaTG Signal was lit, so Giles and Ben rushed to the nearest bar between their jobs and recorded an emergency podcast. The Stadium Series Jerseys were finally unveiled, and the guys minced no words with covering the latest addition to Wild uniform lore.

-We talked about the Jersey re-design contest at WildXtra.com

-We also talked about the week that passed, the banged up roadtrip

-We looked ahead to the rivalry week that surrounds Thanksgiving for the Wild

-We spent a fair amount of time talking about the roller coaster jersey history of the Vancouver Canucks.

-In case you're wondering, Giles' car was not towed, nor did he get a ticket.

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In this episode you can hear Giles and Ben talk about-


-Not doing housework


-Burying Mikael Granlund something fierce


-A lovable Austrian sniper


-Jason Pominville's percentage of hitting the net


-Dubynk's monthly splits so far


-A request for some Mullet time-lapse footage


-An in-depth jersey breakdown of the Boston Bruins


-Some talk about the Iowa Wild, set to the Benny Hill theme music


-A Christmas-themed Dad Joke from Giles


All this and much, much more

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Back to this season's one Giles, one Goalie setup, the guys discuss the week that was, the week that is, and the week that will be. You'll also find-

-Talk about the post-apocalyptic world following Zach Parise's injury

-Props to Duby

-We look forward to facing the Stars

-Fair warnings about knockoff jerseys

-Staunch defense of Kurtis Gabriel from a blogger

-A New segment- we preview an upcoming opponent by discussing their jersey history- This week- The Hurricanes/Whalers

-R.I.P. Emilio Estavez

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It's the one year birthday of the Giles and The Goalie podcast, and to celebrate, we went back to being Giles and The Goalies, by inviting Charlie to join us. We reminisced about lost podcasts lost, determined Charlie's qualifications to judge a hockey team. This, and much more.

-We find out about a favorite website of Giles, Ice The Ticks.

-Ever wonder how Wild Xtra started? We tell all, including some a fun story about one of Giles' twitter followers.

-Obligatory jersey talk

-Charlie talks about the over-reaction theater involved in early-season sports.

-We close by running down the NHL Department of Player Safety.

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