10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

The guys return to recording live, despite the best fight being put up by their recording equipment.

-A review of Jared Spurgeon's contract extension and rampant speculation

-A review of the Alumni Game Jerseys, and rampant hot takes

-A review of the previous week, and rampant complaining

-A preview of the next week, and rampant optimism

-A discussion of the Winter Classic, and rampant criticism

-A review of Tampa Bay's jersey history, and rampant disgust

-A review of 2015, and rampant looking back

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The guys skype yet again, and bang out a solid 75 minutes of content for your listening pleasure. Ben hosts the show and gets a little rant-y, so you've been warned.

-They talk about Star Wars spoilers(not actual spoilers)

-A week in review, the typical Wild letdown

-The luxury of having two good goalies

-Looking ahead to the Holiday week

-#StripTheC update from Pittsburgh(?!)

-Comparing Chuck Fletcher to his peers, which isn't high praise

-A full review of the history of Penguins jerseys

-Giles got chirped by a 12 year old

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In this episode-

Giles talks about watching UFC, while Ben talks about watching the Wild at a bar

The guys review the last week, and lament the Wild's recent collection of loser points, but somehow remain positive

Some Michael Russo love

A brief mention of the savage beating the Canucks received

Lots of speculation about Jaret Stoll

The guys wonder what the fascination is with hockey player's wives

A preview of the the week ahead

A brief chat about upcoming jersey alterations

Giles professes his undying love for the handsome Henrik Lundqvist and Rangers jerseys

Ben fondly remembers some goalies masks from the 90's

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In this episode, the guys are joined by Twitter Trolling Legend Daniel Mick from the Going Local Podcast, a longtime friend of Giles and avid listener of the podcast. Topics discussed-

-Corruption in soccer, and wishing that upon the NFL

-How the Wild managed to avoid the swoon

-Giles' feelings on the third Mighty Ducks movie

-How concerned Wild fans should be about Kuemper starting

-Looking ahead to playing on the West Coast

-A full breakdown of San Jose's jersey history

-A full breakdown of Wisconsin beers

-Loads of exciting banter between Giles and Dan

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