10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Giles and Ben got together for Christmas Poutine, and to record a podcast, because we love you. 

-Christmas presents in review

-NBCSN is full of idiots

-The Wild are going streaking through the quad and to the gymnasium

-Plus/Minus: Is is really bad or just plain bad?

-Giles tears up about Hank

-The Wild are good. We think. 

-The week ahead- Is there a trap?

-The two hottest NHL teams- The Wild and Blue Jackets. No, seriously.

-The Islanders jerseys! One part of the Gortman's Fisherman jersey is liked


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Giles and Ben meet during bar bingo, and talk about the streaking Wild

-Giles saw a movie, gives a partial review

-The Wild, with all the winning and such

-Did Kuemper earn another start soon?

-Are we starting to feel better about the Wild?

-Tough week ahead (It's a trap!)

-Twitter Questions!

-Expansion draft tough decisions

-Christmas presents for Wild players

-Defense prospects

-Replacing Haula

-Redesigning the Rangers uniforms, Ben has a request

-An announcement from Giles

-Christmas Music

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Giles and Ben meet up after a few drinks and discuss the streaking Wild.


-What happened last week? Like, 3 wins?

-Is this team finding its identity?

-More talk about unpredictability.

-The week ahead. It looks good. We think.

-Cal Clutterbuck, bank robber.

-Wild Twitter and the Kurtis Gabriel incident

-Twitter Q&A!

-More Fletcher hate

-Do we redesign the Florida HC jerseys?

-The best looking stadium series game in recent memory

-Wayne Gretzky, Mighty Duck. 

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Giles and Ben return to their favorite unnamed bar and recorded a midweek podcast.

-Late introductions

-How many games did Ben watch this week?

-Giles had a weekend to forget

-The Wild had a week to forget

-What can we expect this week?

-Giles offers his predictions

-Twittter Q&A!

-Deep Salary Cap and Roster questions

-Questions about food

-What gifts would the guys get each other?

-Revamping the Oilers jerseys, for Adidas.

-Holiday themed bumper music

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Giles and Ben managed to record on time this week, over a huge breakfast burrito and a few mich goldens.

-A short rant about watching all 82 Wild games

-They recap the week that was for the Wild

-That means less doom and gloom this week

-What's coming up? Oh, Canada.

-The guys cover their Preseason Over/Unders at the Quarter mark

-Twitter Q & A!

-After last week's slip up the cover two team's redesigns

-How could anyone possibly improve the Penguins?

-How badly do the Canucks need a redesign?

-Lots of on the fly research in this episode for the salad of podcasts

-We try to go the entire episode without mentioning Dan

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Giles and Ben are back live in person, at the old watering hole. Join in as they rant about things.

-Last week for the Wild- why it sucked

-Next week for the Wild- will it suck?

-Giles finds something consistent about this team

-Ben yells at Wild fans, again.

-Olympic Hockey and Labor Peace

-The Vegas Golden Knights new is broken live!

-A Wild jersey re-design?

-Thanksgiving foods, discussed and ranked

-Twitter Q & A!

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Giles and Ben meet over the interwebs, and have guest, Bob Spencer from hashtaghockey.com and the Hashtag Hockey Podcast.

-Bob brings his analytical side to the table, while Giles and Ben nod and agree

-But somehow, none of us watched the entire Pittsburgh game

-The Flyers game, was it good? Was it bad?

-The Senators game, fresh in our minds, and the miracle OT win

-What can expect for this week's soft schedule?

-Joel Eriksson Ek, should he stay or should he go?

-Chris Stewart, what's he up to these days

-Special teams analysis, as in- are they even that good?

-The guys subject Bob to redesigning the Senators jerseys

-Bob has an idea that you should listen to

-A big thanks

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Ben and Giles got together on election night to avoid the madness, and made a podcast.

-Some political talk(but not really)

-Why last week sucked for Wild fans

-Why this week might not be much better

-Optimism? Who said anything about optimism?

-Twitter Q&A!

-Goalie talk!

-Can you name three MN tourist attractions? We can't.

-Questions meant to make us fight, thanks everyone

-The Flyers jersey, with a #hot #taek

-Some U of M vs UND nostalgia

-We almost forget a noteworthy milestone

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Back at it, the guys talk Wild at their typical unnamed bar and restaurant.

-Find out which NHL Player upstaged Giles' Halloween costume

-Find out which host was caught breaking the law before recording

-The week in review- what was bad, what was less bad?

-All sorts of causes for optimism

-The Wild shooting percentage, will it ever go down?

-Twitter Questions!

-Should Parise be on the PK?

-How many starts should Kuemper get?

-Is this the same Ryan Suter?

-Redesigned the beloved Avalance jerseys.

-The ending music starts too early for Giles' liking

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Back at their usual spot and Giles' usual level of drinking, the guys trade off going on rants about the start of the Wild season, some good, some bad.


-We cover the last four games in somewhat detail

-Is this what we expected out of this team?

-Is this what we expected out of Bruce?

-What players do we like so far?

-So, um, goaltending...

-The first on-air shot in GatG history

-The rants come hot and heavy after that

-Setting up Parise, The Wave, Alex Stalock, to name a few

-The guys tackle redesigning Boston's sweaters

-The ultimate concession food foul

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The guys took in the sights at the Hockey Jersey Collectors Expo at Tom Reids, and talked about the ridiculously small sample size two games can be.

-Is there any conclusions we can draw from two games?

-Should we even draw any conclusions?

-The week in review, the week ahead and what to expect

-Twitter Q & A!

-A brief discussion about salads, and Giles was not a fan

-Is there such thing as a Fletcher hot seat?

-Other small sample questions

-We redesign the Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys

-A little venting on not having a North Stars 50th Anniversary

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Giles & Ben record the Official Season Preview for the Minnesota Wild that isn't actually affiliated with the Wild.

-The wrap up the preseason, which was thankfully uneventful

-What are their thoughts on the season opening roster?

-There was a trade with a division rival... yay.

-What are the storylines surrounding Bruce Boudreau this season?

-What are the storylines outside of Boudreau?

-The guys rifle through some over/unders related to the team

-They also predict how every NHL division will finish

-Jersey talk is the St. Louis Blues? What would they change?

-Look at the Show Page at WildXtra.com for the rundown of predictions

-Find out what this season's food debate will be

*Also we seemed to have lost about 30 second of audio early on. It wasn't that important, so don't worry.


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In a landmark episode for the guys, a well-lubricated Giles talks with Ben at a familiar bar during bar bingo. It's about as 'Podcasting after hours' as we get.

-The Ryder Cup is discussed, because we're red blooded Americans, dammit

-Giles stops to sing frequently

-We put a bow on the World Cup of Hockey, as if it needed it

-Preseason hockey is discussed, for whatever that's worth

-What would you do with a Hurricanes jersey redesign?

-Speaking of the Canes, we talk relocation and expansion

-No Twitter Q & A, because beer

-Several Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law references

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The Guys went to a new unnamed bar that did not pay their tab and recorded a podcast.

-What went wrong with Team USA in the World Cup? Giles has some words.

-Zach Parise, brave leader or manby-pamby weiner?

-How much we love Phil Kessel's seldom used twitter account

-Wild training camp thoughts

-Who are the kids who will make the team?

-New jersey segment? We redesign the Buffalo Sabres.

-All of the new jerseys in the NHL this season, covered.

-Still looking to get hired as jersey consultants

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The boys are back in town, as Giles and Ben meet up at a familiar bar, and are joined by friend of the podcast, Dan Mick, who won't stop talking about soccer.

-The guys covered what little Wild news has happened since late July

-Dan talks about soccer

-Both hosts give their prediction for Wild wins this season

-Dan talks about soccer

-This year's World Cup of Hockey is explained

-Dan talks about soccer

-How do each of the World Cup pools shake out?

-Dan talks about soccer

-The World Cup jerseys are broken down and ranked

-Dan talks about soccer

-Giles takes Twitter questions

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Giles & Ben meet after watching the Wild development camp scrimmage and discussed what they saw to wrap up the offseason.

-Who impressed?

-What do we make of players trying to make the team?

-What's left for the Wild offseason

-The guys give their grades on the Wild offseason

-Giles runs down the list of guests on the show this season

-The guys complain about getting a two star rating

-A genuine thank you for listening to season two

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Giles and Ben skyped it out this week, and finally got down to brass tacks on what angers them about the NHL.

-The Kuemper contract and ramifications are discussed

-What's wrong with the NHL's TV coverage?

-Giles tells you how he feels about Gary Bettman

-Ben tells you how he feels about bigger nets

-What's the key to growing the game of hockey?

-Several examples of the NHL shooting themselves in the foot

-To lighten the mood, they discuss the worst NHL jerseys of all time

-Final thoughts after a rough week

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Giles and Ben met over skype during the holiday weekend and hashed out what happened over the last week for the Wild.

-How much did they like the Staal deal?

-What are the expectations for Staal this season?

-How will Chris Stewart help this team?

-Stalock deal- yay or nay

-What the hell were the Canadians thinking?

-Other reactions to Free Agent Signings

-The Defunct jersey series ends with the most recent franchise to be disolved

-Overall reaction to the Wild offseason

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Giles and Ben meet in the aftermath of a busy weekend at a local bar to discuss the Wild.

-Giles tells some stories about being in a wedding this weekend.

-Ben talks about the Hockey Wilderness Draft Party

-Congratulations to former GatG Goalie Charlie

- The guys discuss what we need after the Vanek buyout

-The draft is broken down

-Free Agency is sort of previewed... sort of.

-More useless hope for a Wild trade

-Defunct jerseys! The Devils franchise, pre-New Jersey

-Giles has a final thought. Or two. Or three.

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Ben and Giles get together via the interwebs for a special mid-week NHL Draft podcast!

-The talk about the deals made in the whopping two days since the last podcast

-They angrily talk about the lack of salary cap from the NHL

-Then they get the announcement about the Salary Cap from the NHL

-Mock Draft! The first 14 picks are mocked

-Who slides? Who gets reached for?

-What team did Giles refuse to pick for?

-What does Ben think of almost every prospect(he'll tell you)

-Someone mows their lawn in the background

-Ben's dog loses his mind momentarily

- The guy mock up to the Wild's pick, then discuss a few options for the Wild if it were to shake out that way

-Killer outro music that's super fitting

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Giles & Ben meet up on Father's Day and turn it into nearly an hour long complaint about things.

-Something grinds Ben's gears

-A few things grind Giles' gears

-The guys lament the lack of current salary cap

-Not a big news week for the Wild, but will this week be?

-Why the guys approve of hockey in Las Vegas

-Twitter questions!

-More Vanek buyout talk

-More things that annoy the hosts

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Giles and Ben are joined by a special guest this week, friend of the podcast, Keri Wood. They went to a certain bar in St. Paul to try to record a listenable podcast. The results were mixed.

The Stanley Cup Final is over. But Giles still has something to be angry about.

They talk about the hiring of two new Wild assistant coaches, who also happened to be at the bar that night.

Vanek- to buy out or not to buy out?

A little bit of draft talk and why the next two weeks are very important.

Lots of talk about hockey memes, in both crying Jordan and non-crying Jordan categories.

The three jersey fanatics talk about their holy grail jersey they don't own.

In honor of Phil Kessel, the podcast run time is 81 minutes.

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Giles & Ben get fed up with not being paid to podcast at local bars, so decide to talk via skype about offseason plans and jerseys.

-Both guys had fun weekends, filled with grad parties and s'mores

-Brief chat about the Stanley Cup Final

-The Wild may be dealing their first round pick, Ben takes credit for the scoop

-Two more coaches let go, but what does it mean?

-Mike Yeo may be Hitch's replacement in St. Louis

-Both guys takes their turn being armchair GMs

-The #FloridaHC jerseys were revealed, to less than rave reviews

-The guys continue the defunct team jerseys series, with the WHA teams

-More shameless begging for iTunes ratings

-Brief preview of next week, with a special guest

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Giles & Ben met for some delicious brunch at a local establishment that didn't give them free food, and discussed the most recent Wild happenings.

- There was assistant coach news, finally, do the moves make sense?

- They somehow managed to talk about how dumb the NHL brass is.

- What Wild players with expiring contracts should get an extension this summer?

- The guys talk about trade targets for the Wild, realistic or otherwise.

- Giles has an opinion on whether the Wild should sign Okposo or not.

- Other UFAs that are possibilities for the Wild are discussed.

- Ben says something out Boudreau that might make heads explode.

- The guys discuss the great Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Final.

- The defunct jerseys series begins (again) with the city of Atlanta's defunct teams

- The discussion of a new Wild red jersey begins

- A certain parking lot is roasted

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Giles & Ben are joined by fellow Wild Xtra and journalist extraordinaire Heather Rule. Heather is a little quiet on the mic, but you can still hear her opinions when the guys shut their yapping.

-We briefly mention the Twins, and all the stinkin Canadians at Target Field

-Then the cover all of the Wild players that could be dealt this summer

-Who won't be dealt for sure? It's a short list.

-Who does Ben liken Nino Niederreiter to following Russo's comments last week?

-Granlund is The Clash- Show he stay or should he go? Zucker too.

-The great defenseman to be traded argument, version 2016.

-Kuemps rehashed

-Then the podcast is turned to a much more pressing topic- Friends

-Who's always the sixth best Friend? The answer won't surprise you.

-Go to Episodes from Friends experts Giles and Heather

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After losing an entire podcast to audio issues, the guys chatted over skype about the ill-fated podcast's topics a few days later, for you, our beloved fans.

-There's a brand new intro for you to thoroughly enjoy

-The guys react to Boudreau initial press conference

-Will Boudreau stick with his talk about dividing out minutes?

-Interesting quotes about Brodin and Granlund

-Why this being Boudreau's last stop is a good thing

-This summer's RFAs are a big topic of discussion

-An exciting cat cameo

-The exciting Conference Finals are discussed


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The guys head to Tom Reid's to record on Mother's Day, and talk about the Bruce Boudreau hiring at length.

-Why it was a great hire

-Defending against the naysayers

-Examining Boudreau's playoff record

-What Boudreau can hopefully fix with this team

-Giving a Pass/Fail to all of the upcoming UFAs

-Waxing Poetic about the Canadiens jerseys

-Something that Grinds Giles' Gears

-Shameless self promotion

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Giles and Ben made the trip to the Studio again to talk with ColdOmaha.com's Tom Schreier about the end of the Wild season. With a week of clarity, they tackled several topics.

-What they're looking for in a coaching candidate

-Is it really Boudreau or Bust for Wild fans?

-What's Chuck Fletcher's role in all of this

-What the Wild have for buyout options

-Ben takes several cheap shots at Soup

-The guys talk about the other playoff series and who they like

-Little to discuss about Blackhawks jerseys, so they delve into randomness

-A list of establishments where Giles is a regular is started


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The Guys return to Grumpy's on a Sunday night, and talk after the brutal Game 6 loss, eliminating the Wild from the playoffs.

-They recap Game 6, from a few different directions

-Also covered is quick hits on Games 3, 4 and 5 which happened in the last week

-The Guys give their feelings on the Wild season as a whole

-There may have been even more talk about Game 6, as beers were drank

-Chuck Fletcher's alleged job security is discussed

-The likely eliminated St. Louis Blues jerseys are discussed

-The guys talk about Prince and what he meant to the state of Minnesota, and about the Wild's new goal song

-Two words- Bar Bingo

-The podcast is ended with a full song, enjoy.

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Giles and Ben meet up at the old spot again, and try to make sense of everything that's happened during the last week.

-Giles nurses a hangover from drinking his way through Game 2

-Ben does his best to fill all of the airtime by himself

-That one goal is discussed at length

-The foolishness of picking the Wild to win is discussed

-The guys give differing opinions on Torch's future here

-Twitter Q & A from a few friends of the show

-The rest of the NHL playoffs are discussed

-The guy talk about the glorious Kings jersey lineage

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It's a landmark episode for Giles & The Goalie, so we popped the cork on our go-to special event guest, the other goalie, Charlie Beattie. We had a wonderful dinner of a burger, a salad and a bowl of soup, and recorded a podcast.

-Charlie reiterates his hatred from John Buccigross

-Giles admits to leaving a Wild game very early, but for a good reason

-Ben rants about the Wild being mentally weak, again.

-The guys talk about the sorry week that was to close out the season

-Then the Dallas playoff series is previewed

-In true GatG fashion, they hate on Dallas' jerseys for a whole segment

-Charlie makes a bold prediction for the Wild playoffs, sort of

-A few classic GatG jokes are revisited and referenced

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Giles and Ben ill-advisedly meet during Bar Bingo at Grumpy's to talk about the state of the Wild.

-Ben gives a short review on Wrestlemania, which he watched instead of the Jets game

-Both writers vent on their frustrations about this team

-That whole Duncan Keith situation

-Giles skips over some questions, especially one from Dan

-The Jets jerseys, past and present, are featured

-The guys finish out the podcast by talking about the upcoming baseball season

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The Guys are back with their fancy new audio equipment, and test it on frequent guest and collegiate hockey extraordinaire Nate Wells.

-Quick recap of the last week and the winning streak

-A look ahead for this week

-Some brief playoff talk (gasp)

-Discussion of the recent Wild signings

-The guys talk about the college hockey landscape

-What's the state of the Gopher Men's program

-The Ottawa Senators jerseys are reveiwed

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I repeat


-The guys get together at Tom Reid's after a viewing party and discuss this absurdly frustrating hockey club

-A formal 'call out' of sorts on the veteran core of this team

-A look ahead to this week, including an old friend, and a humongous big game

-The guys talk college hockey after their time covering the NCHC

-The Avalanche jerseys are discussed. Spoiler- Giles disapproves

-They finish the podcast discussing what else? Teddy Bridgewater.

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The Guys are joined by Taylor Callais from Defending The Blue Line, a nonprofit outfitting military children with hockey equipment. Giles and Ben might sound a little like robots, but it's kinda fun if you imagine them wearing tinfoil hats.

There's much talk about the awful position this Wild team is in

How dumb were the Wild in raising ticket prices after this season?

A recap of the light week last week, when the lost to the Oilers

A preview of next week, which includes not 1, not 2, but 3 trap games

A breakdown of the Devils jersey history, or lack thereof

Some fun discussion of the state of college hockey after the Big Ten debacle

Taylor explains what Defending the Blue Line does, and how you can help

They run out of things to say after that, so they wrap it up

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Giles is back from covering the High Hockey Tournament, and Ben is back from Vegas, so they podcasted.

-Ben's Vegas trip is recalled

-Giles' week in the press box is discussed

-Was this last week what we expected from the Wild?

-What should you expect over the next week?

-How can Torch fix the ailing Penalty Kill?

-Ben goes on a rant about how the Wild can learn from Conor McGregor

-The guys find an interesting way to describe the old Oiler's third jersey

-Suggestions for the 5 Minute Major Call in Show-Elvis wraps up the show


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Ben is joined once again with Giles, who is back from his Washington D.C. vacation, and they record over skype to cover the last 9 days of Wild happenings.

-Giles tells about his trip to DC, and the fun National Treasure-type stuff he saw

-Niklas Backstrom's trade and legacy are discussed

-Other trade deadline topics are covered

-A review of your typical Roller coaster Wild week

-A preview of the Week coming up, when Ben will be in Las Vegas

-We say very familiar things about the Florida Panthers jerseys

-The guys talks about the upcoming Boy's High School Hockey Tournament

-Giles calls out the host of a popular Twin Cities podcast

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The boys are back as just a duo, and even though they've gone through the rigors of the Stadium Series weekend, they hammered out a podcast on the patio of Tom Reid's in St. Paul.

In this episode

-Giles talks about his stadium series experience and explains why his friend Dan could not join us

-The guys ponder the effect the coaching change has made

-They answer the question is "Is John Torchetti the next Scotty Bowman?"

-A look ahead to the next week, and Giles' related vacation

-A brief discussion about the classic Flyers jerseys history

-The first ever bathroom break in GatG history, where something special happens

-Ads on High school hockey jerseys? Ben reacts accordingly

-Finishing thoughts on this weekend's hockey events from both writers

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This week's episode is extra special, because 1. It's EXPLICIT rated, which means we got to swear up and down, and we did, and 2. we were joined by Bryan Reynolds, a Wild blogging legend, and hockey fan troll extraordinaire

-We let Bryan rant about the team giving up on Mike Yeo

-Ben makes a point about the Wild, which was his last point of the podcast

-Giles and Bryan tell their stories about being at two different Game 7s in Denver

-We get the Bryan Reynolds:Edmonton Oiler Villain Origin story

-We talk about the Stadium Series and how much we don't care, except Giles is going

-The everlasting beauty of the North Stars jerseys is discussed

-Many beers were drank, but no Texans were harmed

Direct download: dad_hats_.mp3
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ColdOmaha.com's Tom Schreier is our return guest, and was kind enough to let us use his fancy studio to record the longest and best sounding Giles & The Goalie yet.

In the wake of Mike Yeo's firing, Giles, Ben and Tom leave no stone unturned when it comes to the reason and ramifications.

Ben talks a lot, Tom laughs, Giles sighs. This is a theme.

How much of this was on Yeo?

How much of this is on Chuck Fletcher?

Should Fletcher be fired?

Is it time for a Captaincy change?

What to expect from this team going forward, and what everyone wants to see.

A brief look at the upcoming roadtrip, and some Flames jersey talk to lighten the mood.

Finally, some shop talk on team media access.

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The Guys got back together and recorded live with, very many less guests, and significantly less beers. Topics include-

-The Wild Stink, please explain

-Who's at fault, really?

-The Healthy Scratches

-Injuries to the defense, all of a sudden

-Zach Parise's Health

-Taking a look at the Capitals jersey history

-That segways into defending Ovechkin

-Defending Audra Martin, while we're at it

-Finally, Giles and Ben find something they very much disagree about

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Exactly as the title implies, it's an All-Star episode of GatG, as Giles and Ben find themselves at the Twins Daily Winter Meltdown, and rotate through an All-Star lineup of guests.

First, New Wild Xtra writer Heather Rule joins us to talk about how frustrating the Wild are, and how stupid the NHL All Star Game format is this year.

Then, Sportive Podcast Host and Northern Pitch writer Jon Marthaler jumps in, and we talk about letter grades for everyone on the Wild roster, about Giles' experience on The Sportive, and about John Scott as college hockey player destined for greatness.

After we were kicked out of our dark corner, popular previous guest Daniel Mick joined us again, but was quickly usurped by the Giggly Godfather himself, John Bonnes, who wanted to talk about how it was OK for fans to want Mike Yeo fired, based on the team's history and some anecdotes from Twins past.

After Bonnes was pulled away for important duties, Dan got around to sharing his opinion on the Wild, and then told some stories about drinking with Giles during the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament over the years.

Finally, Tom Schreier from the new Minnesota Sports website ColdOmaha.com joined us to talk about why he thinks Yeo should be fired, and compares that to some Timberwolves coaching history.

All in all, this was a blast to record, and hopefully you enjoy it as much as we did. Huge thanks to all of our guests.


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Ben and Giles put their disgust aside for a little under an hour, and talked about the Wild heading into the All Star Break

-What do we make of this team?

-The only thing that isn't wrong with the Wild

-What Ben thinks of people blaming Yeo... again.

-Is this game against Arizona pivotal?

-A brief history of the Coyote's jerseys

-A brief discussion of Teemu Selanne, Star Trek and Giles' other obsessions

-Looking ahead to the next podcast

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Giles and Ben avoided the cold weather by not leaving their houses. Over skype, they discussed

-Their weekend, including Ben concussing himself during a nap, and Giles being catfished by a so-called Friends reunion

-Recapping the winless week from the Wild, and the issues with scoring

-What they think of the Wild's excuses for not winning

-What the upcoming schedule holds for them, and if it's good news or bad news

-Ben rants about the perception of an easier playoff matchup

-They address the likelihood of a trade for the Wild soon

-They address the John Scott controversy, and why the NHL sucks

-Giles has his best 10 minutes of his week, as they discuss the Duck's jerseys

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Ben and Giles reunited over the interwebs this week, and did not disappoint. They caught up like old friends discussing a lackluster hockey team, and even went off the rails a couple of times. In this aptly named episode-

Giles laments the Vikings loss, while Ben tries his hardest not to laugh

This is the best midseason Wild team ever, but it doesn't feel like it, at all.

Last week on the Wild Roller Coaster, in review

Previewing next week's Wild Roller Coaster

All Star Game talk, including Dubnyk, and yes, the jerseys

Chat about Buffalo's bizarre jersey history before the game on Tuesday

Twitter questions! Including trade talk and Jarret Stoll whining

An in-depth discussion about Giles' live-action Batman Power Rankings

A heartfelt shoutout to our fans before some Daft Punk

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Giles is heartbroken over Koivu's injury and leaves Ben to record by himself for a half hour. This turned out to be a less than great idea.

In this episode:

The show starts with sad music, because Koivu

A review of the past week, including a weird Florida visit

Ben yawns a few times

The Blue Jackets game gets reviewed....twice somehow

A patented Trap Game is named

The Vikings are mentioned once

Lot of filler words

Twitter Questions about Koivu's injury and Quad City Mallard Goaltending

Utterly bored with the Blue Jackets, Ben vows to liberate the unnecessary star on their jersey

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