10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Exactly as the title implies, it's an All-Star episode of GatG, as Giles and Ben find themselves at the Twins Daily Winter Meltdown, and rotate through an All-Star lineup of guests.

First, New Wild Xtra writer Heather Rule joins us to talk about how frustrating the Wild are, and how stupid the NHL All Star Game format is this year.

Then, Sportive Podcast Host and Northern Pitch writer Jon Marthaler jumps in, and we talk about letter grades for everyone on the Wild roster, about Giles' experience on The Sportive, and about John Scott as college hockey player destined for greatness.

After we were kicked out of our dark corner, popular previous guest Daniel Mick joined us again, but was quickly usurped by the Giggly Godfather himself, John Bonnes, who wanted to talk about how it was OK for fans to want Mike Yeo fired, based on the team's history and some anecdotes from Twins past.

After Bonnes was pulled away for important duties, Dan got around to sharing his opinion on the Wild, and then told some stories about drinking with Giles during the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament over the years.

Finally, Tom Schreier from the new Minnesota Sports website ColdOmaha.com joined us to talk about why he thinks Yeo should be fired, and compares that to some Timberwolves coaching history.

All in all, this was a blast to record, and hopefully you enjoy it as much as we did. Huge thanks to all of our guests.


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Ben and Giles put their disgust aside for a little under an hour, and talked about the Wild heading into the All Star Break

-What do we make of this team?

-The only thing that isn't wrong with the Wild

-What Ben thinks of people blaming Yeo... again.

-Is this game against Arizona pivotal?

-A brief history of the Coyote's jerseys

-A brief discussion of Teemu Selanne, Star Trek and Giles' other obsessions

-Looking ahead to the next podcast

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Giles and Ben avoided the cold weather by not leaving their houses. Over skype, they discussed

-Their weekend, including Ben concussing himself during a nap, and Giles being catfished by a so-called Friends reunion

-Recapping the winless week from the Wild, and the issues with scoring

-What they think of the Wild's excuses for not winning

-What the upcoming schedule holds for them, and if it's good news or bad news

-Ben rants about the perception of an easier playoff matchup

-They address the likelihood of a trade for the Wild soon

-They address the John Scott controversy, and why the NHL sucks

-Giles has his best 10 minutes of his week, as they discuss the Duck's jerseys

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Ben and Giles reunited over the interwebs this week, and did not disappoint. They caught up like old friends discussing a lackluster hockey team, and even went off the rails a couple of times. In this aptly named episode-

Giles laments the Vikings loss, while Ben tries his hardest not to laugh

This is the best midseason Wild team ever, but it doesn't feel like it, at all.

Last week on the Wild Roller Coaster, in review

Previewing next week's Wild Roller Coaster

All Star Game talk, including Dubnyk, and yes, the jerseys

Chat about Buffalo's bizarre jersey history before the game on Tuesday

Twitter questions! Including trade talk and Jarret Stoll whining

An in-depth discussion about Giles' live-action Batman Power Rankings

A heartfelt shoutout to our fans before some Daft Punk

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Giles is heartbroken over Koivu's injury and leaves Ben to record by himself for a half hour. This turned out to be a less than great idea.

In this episode:

The show starts with sad music, because Koivu

A review of the past week, including a weird Florida visit

Ben yawns a few times

The Blue Jackets game gets reviewed....twice somehow

A patented Trap Game is named

The Vikings are mentioned once

Lot of filler words

Twitter Questions about Koivu's injury and Quad City Mallard Goaltending

Utterly bored with the Blue Jackets, Ben vows to liberate the unnecessary star on their jersey

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