10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

The boys are back as just a duo, and even though they've gone through the rigors of the Stadium Series weekend, they hammered out a podcast on the patio of Tom Reid's in St. Paul.

In this episode

-Giles talks about his stadium series experience and explains why his friend Dan could not join us

-The guys ponder the effect the coaching change has made

-They answer the question is "Is John Torchetti the next Scotty Bowman?"

-A look ahead to the next week, and Giles' related vacation

-A brief discussion about the classic Flyers jerseys history

-The first ever bathroom break in GatG history, where something special happens

-Ads on High school hockey jerseys? Ben reacts accordingly

-Finishing thoughts on this weekend's hockey events from both writers

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This week's episode is extra special, because 1. It's EXPLICIT rated, which means we got to swear up and down, and we did, and 2. we were joined by Bryan Reynolds, a Wild blogging legend, and hockey fan troll extraordinaire

-We let Bryan rant about the team giving up on Mike Yeo

-Ben makes a point about the Wild, which was his last point of the podcast

-Giles and Bryan tell their stories about being at two different Game 7s in Denver

-We get the Bryan Reynolds:Edmonton Oiler Villain Origin story

-We talk about the Stadium Series and how much we don't care, except Giles is going

-The everlasting beauty of the North Stars jerseys is discussed

-Many beers were drank, but no Texans were harmed

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ColdOmaha.com's Tom Schreier is our return guest, and was kind enough to let us use his fancy studio to record the longest and best sounding Giles & The Goalie yet.

In the wake of Mike Yeo's firing, Giles, Ben and Tom leave no stone unturned when it comes to the reason and ramifications.

Ben talks a lot, Tom laughs, Giles sighs. This is a theme.

How much of this was on Yeo?

How much of this is on Chuck Fletcher?

Should Fletcher be fired?

Is it time for a Captaincy change?

What to expect from this team going forward, and what everyone wants to see.

A brief look at the upcoming roadtrip, and some Flames jersey talk to lighten the mood.

Finally, some shop talk on team media access.

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The Guys got back together and recorded live with, very many less guests, and significantly less beers. Topics include-

-The Wild Stink, please explain

-Who's at fault, really?

-The Healthy Scratches

-Injuries to the defense, all of a sudden

-Zach Parise's Health

-Taking a look at the Capitals jersey history

-That segways into defending Ovechkin

-Defending Audra Martin, while we're at it

-Finally, Giles and Ben find something they very much disagree about

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