10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

The Guys are back with their fancy new audio equipment, and test it on frequent guest and collegiate hockey extraordinaire Nate Wells.

-Quick recap of the last week and the winning streak

-A look ahead for this week

-Some brief playoff talk (gasp)

-Discussion of the recent Wild signings

-The guys talk about the college hockey landscape

-What's the state of the Gopher Men's program

-The Ottawa Senators jerseys are reveiwed

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I repeat


-The guys get together at Tom Reid's after a viewing party and discuss this absurdly frustrating hockey club

-A formal 'call out' of sorts on the veteran core of this team

-A look ahead to this week, including an old friend, and a humongous big game

-The guys talk college hockey after their time covering the NCHC

-The Avalanche jerseys are discussed. Spoiler- Giles disapproves

-They finish the podcast discussing what else? Teddy Bridgewater.

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The Guys are joined by Taylor Callais from Defending The Blue Line, a nonprofit outfitting military children with hockey equipment. Giles and Ben might sound a little like robots, but it's kinda fun if you imagine them wearing tinfoil hats.

There's much talk about the awful position this Wild team is in

How dumb were the Wild in raising ticket prices after this season?

A recap of the light week last week, when the lost to the Oilers

A preview of next week, which includes not 1, not 2, but 3 trap games

A breakdown of the Devils jersey history, or lack thereof

Some fun discussion of the state of college hockey after the Big Ten debacle

Taylor explains what Defending the Blue Line does, and how you can help

They run out of things to say after that, so they wrap it up

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Giles is back from covering the High Hockey Tournament, and Ben is back from Vegas, so they podcasted.

-Ben's Vegas trip is recalled

-Giles' week in the press box is discussed

-Was this last week what we expected from the Wild?

-What should you expect over the next week?

-How can Torch fix the ailing Penalty Kill?

-Ben goes on a rant about how the Wild can learn from Conor McGregor

-The guys find an interesting way to describe the old Oiler's third jersey

-Suggestions for the 5 Minute Major Call in Show-Elvis wraps up the show


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Ben is joined once again with Giles, who is back from his Washington D.C. vacation, and they record over skype to cover the last 9 days of Wild happenings.

-Giles tells about his trip to DC, and the fun National Treasure-type stuff he saw

-Niklas Backstrom's trade and legacy are discussed

-Other trade deadline topics are covered

-A review of your typical Roller coaster Wild week

-A preview of the Week coming up, when Ben will be in Las Vegas

-We say very familiar things about the Florida Panthers jerseys

-The guys talks about the upcoming Boy's High School Hockey Tournament

-Giles calls out the host of a popular Twin Cities podcast

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