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Giles & Ben met for some delicious brunch at a local establishment that didn't give them free food, and discussed the most recent Wild happenings.

- There was assistant coach news, finally, do the moves make sense?

- They somehow managed to talk about how dumb the NHL brass is.

- What Wild players with expiring contracts should get an extension this summer?

- The guys talk about trade targets for the Wild, realistic or otherwise.

- Giles has an opinion on whether the Wild should sign Okposo or not.

- Other UFAs that are possibilities for the Wild are discussed.

- Ben says something out Boudreau that might make heads explode.

- The guys discuss the great Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Final.

- The defunct jerseys series begins (again) with the city of Atlanta's defunct teams

- The discussion of a new Wild red jersey begins

- A certain parking lot is roasted

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Giles & Ben are joined by fellow Wild Xtra and journalist extraordinaire Heather Rule. Heather is a little quiet on the mic, but you can still hear her opinions when the guys shut their yapping.

-We briefly mention the Twins, and all the stinkin Canadians at Target Field

-Then the cover all of the Wild players that could be dealt this summer

-Who won't be dealt for sure? It's a short list.

-Who does Ben liken Nino Niederreiter to following Russo's comments last week?

-Granlund is The Clash- Show he stay or should he go? Zucker too.

-The great defenseman to be traded argument, version 2016.

-Kuemps rehashed

-Then the podcast is turned to a much more pressing topic- Friends

-Who's always the sixth best Friend? The answer won't surprise you.

-Go to Episodes from Friends experts Giles and Heather

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After losing an entire podcast to audio issues, the guys chatted over skype about the ill-fated podcast's topics a few days later, for you, our beloved fans.

-There's a brand new intro for you to thoroughly enjoy

-The guys react to Boudreau initial press conference

-Will Boudreau stick with his talk about dividing out minutes?

-Interesting quotes about Brodin and Granlund

-Why this being Boudreau's last stop is a good thing

-This summer's RFAs are a big topic of discussion

-An exciting cat cameo

-The exciting Conference Finals are discussed


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The guys head to Tom Reid's to record on Mother's Day, and talk about the Bruce Boudreau hiring at length.

-Why it was a great hire

-Defending against the naysayers

-Examining Boudreau's playoff record

-What Boudreau can hopefully fix with this team

-Giving a Pass/Fail to all of the upcoming UFAs

-Waxing Poetic about the Canadiens jerseys

-Something that Grinds Giles' Gears

-Shameless self promotion

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Giles and Ben made the trip to the Studio again to talk with ColdOmaha.com's Tom Schreier about the end of the Wild season. With a week of clarity, they tackled several topics.

-What they're looking for in a coaching candidate

-Is it really Boudreau or Bust for Wild fans?

-What's Chuck Fletcher's role in all of this

-What the Wild have for buyout options

-Ben takes several cheap shots at Soup

-The guys talk about the other playoff series and who they like

-Little to discuss about Blackhawks jerseys, so they delve into randomness

-A list of establishments where Giles is a regular is started


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