10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Giles and Ben meet in the aftermath of a busy weekend at a local bar to discuss the Wild.

-Giles tells some stories about being in a wedding this weekend.

-Ben talks about the Hockey Wilderness Draft Party

-Congratulations to former GatG Goalie Charlie

- The guys discuss what we need after the Vanek buyout

-The draft is broken down

-Free Agency is sort of previewed... sort of.

-More useless hope for a Wild trade

-Defunct jerseys! The Devils franchise, pre-New Jersey

-Giles has a final thought. Or two. Or three.

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Ben and Giles get together via the interwebs for a special mid-week NHL Draft podcast!

-The talk about the deals made in the whopping two days since the last podcast

-They angrily talk about the lack of salary cap from the NHL

-Then they get the announcement about the Salary Cap from the NHL

-Mock Draft! The first 14 picks are mocked

-Who slides? Who gets reached for?

-What team did Giles refuse to pick for?

-What does Ben think of almost every prospect(he'll tell you)

-Someone mows their lawn in the background

-Ben's dog loses his mind momentarily

- The guy mock up to the Wild's pick, then discuss a few options for the Wild if it were to shake out that way

-Killer outro music that's super fitting

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Giles & Ben meet up on Father's Day and turn it into nearly an hour long complaint about things.

-Something grinds Ben's gears

-A few things grind Giles' gears

-The guys lament the lack of current salary cap

-Not a big news week for the Wild, but will this week be?

-Why the guys approve of hockey in Las Vegas

-Twitter questions!

-More Vanek buyout talk

-More things that annoy the hosts

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Giles and Ben are joined by a special guest this week, friend of the podcast, Keri Wood. They went to a certain bar in St. Paul to try to record a listenable podcast. The results were mixed.

The Stanley Cup Final is over. But Giles still has something to be angry about.

They talk about the hiring of two new Wild assistant coaches, who also happened to be at the bar that night.

Vanek- to buy out or not to buy out?

A little bit of draft talk and why the next two weeks are very important.

Lots of talk about hockey memes, in both crying Jordan and non-crying Jordan categories.

The three jersey fanatics talk about their holy grail jersey they don't own.

In honor of Phil Kessel, the podcast run time is 81 minutes.

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Giles & Ben get fed up with not being paid to podcast at local bars, so decide to talk via skype about offseason plans and jerseys.

-Both guys had fun weekends, filled with grad parties and s'mores

-Brief chat about the Stanley Cup Final

-The Wild may be dealing their first round pick, Ben takes credit for the scoop

-Two more coaches let go, but what does it mean?

-Mike Yeo may be Hitch's replacement in St. Louis

-Both guys takes their turn being armchair GMs

-The #FloridaHC jerseys were revealed, to less than rave reviews

-The guys continue the defunct team jerseys series, with the WHA teams

-More shameless begging for iTunes ratings

-Brief preview of next week, with a special guest

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