10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

The Guys went to a new unnamed bar that did not pay their tab and recorded a podcast.

-What went wrong with Team USA in the World Cup? Giles has some words.

-Zach Parise, brave leader or manby-pamby weiner?

-How much we love Phil Kessel's seldom used twitter account

-Wild training camp thoughts

-Who are the kids who will make the team?

-New jersey segment? We redesign the Buffalo Sabres.

-All of the new jerseys in the NHL this season, covered.

-Still looking to get hired as jersey consultants

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The boys are back in town, as Giles and Ben meet up at a familiar bar, and are joined by friend of the podcast, Dan Mick, who won't stop talking about soccer.

-The guys covered what little Wild news has happened since late July

-Dan talks about soccer

-Both hosts give their prediction for Wild wins this season

-Dan talks about soccer

-This year's World Cup of Hockey is explained

-Dan talks about soccer

-How do each of the World Cup pools shake out?

-Dan talks about soccer

-The World Cup jerseys are broken down and ranked

-Dan talks about soccer

-Giles takes Twitter questions

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