10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Back at it, the guys talk Wild at their typical unnamed bar and restaurant.

-Find out which NHL Player upstaged Giles' Halloween costume

-Find out which host was caught breaking the law before recording

-The week in review- what was bad, what was less bad?

-All sorts of causes for optimism

-The Wild shooting percentage, will it ever go down?

-Twitter Questions!

-Should Parise be on the PK?

-How many starts should Kuemper get?

-Is this the same Ryan Suter?

-Redesigned the beloved Avalance jerseys.

-The ending music starts too early for Giles' liking

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Back at their usual spot and Giles' usual level of drinking, the guys trade off going on rants about the start of the Wild season, some good, some bad.


-We cover the last four games in somewhat detail

-Is this what we expected out of this team?

-Is this what we expected out of Bruce?

-What players do we like so far?

-So, um, goaltending...

-The first on-air shot in GatG history

-The rants come hot and heavy after that

-Setting up Parise, The Wave, Alex Stalock, to name a few

-The guys tackle redesigning Boston's sweaters

-The ultimate concession food foul

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The guys took in the sights at the Hockey Jersey Collectors Expo at Tom Reids, and talked about the ridiculously small sample size two games can be.

-Is there any conclusions we can draw from two games?

-Should we even draw any conclusions?

-The week in review, the week ahead and what to expect

-Twitter Q & A!

-A brief discussion about salads, and Giles was not a fan

-Is there such thing as a Fletcher hot seat?

-Other small sample questions

-We redesign the Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys

-A little venting on not having a North Stars 50th Anniversary

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Giles & Ben record the Official Season Preview for the Minnesota Wild that isn't actually affiliated with the Wild.

-The wrap up the preseason, which was thankfully uneventful

-What are their thoughts on the season opening roster?

-There was a trade with a division rival... yay.

-What are the storylines surrounding Bruce Boudreau this season?

-What are the storylines outside of Boudreau?

-The guys rifle through some over/unders related to the team

-They also predict how every NHL division will finish

-Jersey talk is the St. Louis Blues? What would they change?

-Look at the Show Page at WildXtra.com for the rundown of predictions

-Find out what this season's food debate will be

*Also we seemed to have lost about 30 second of audio early on. It wasn't that important, so don't worry.


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In a landmark episode for the guys, a well-lubricated Giles talks with Ben at a familiar bar during bar bingo. It's about as 'Podcasting after hours' as we get.

-The Ryder Cup is discussed, because we're red blooded Americans, dammit

-Giles stops to sing frequently

-We put a bow on the World Cup of Hockey, as if it needed it

-Preseason hockey is discussed, for whatever that's worth

-What would you do with a Hurricanes jersey redesign?

-Speaking of the Canes, we talk relocation and expansion

-No Twitter Q & A, because beer

-Several Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law references

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