10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Giles and Ben managed to record on time this week, over a huge breakfast burrito and a few mich goldens.

-A short rant about watching all 82 Wild games

-They recap the week that was for the Wild

-That means less doom and gloom this week

-What's coming up? Oh, Canada.

-The guys cover their Preseason Over/Unders at the Quarter mark

-Twitter Q & A!

-After last week's slip up the cover two team's redesigns

-How could anyone possibly improve the Penguins?

-How badly do the Canucks need a redesign?

-Lots of on the fly research in this episode for the salad of podcasts

-We try to go the entire episode without mentioning Dan

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Giles and Ben are back live in person, at the old watering hole. Join in as they rant about things.

-Last week for the Wild- why it sucked

-Next week for the Wild- will it suck?

-Giles finds something consistent about this team

-Ben yells at Wild fans, again.

-Olympic Hockey and Labor Peace

-The Vegas Golden Knights new is broken live!

-A Wild jersey re-design?

-Thanksgiving foods, discussed and ranked

-Twitter Q & A!

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Giles and Ben meet over the interwebs, and have guest, Bob Spencer from hashtaghockey.com and the Hashtag Hockey Podcast.

-Bob brings his analytical side to the table, while Giles and Ben nod and agree

-But somehow, none of us watched the entire Pittsburgh game

-The Flyers game, was it good? Was it bad?

-The Senators game, fresh in our minds, and the miracle OT win

-What can expect for this week's soft schedule?

-Joel Eriksson Ek, should he stay or should he go?

-Chris Stewart, what's he up to these days

-Special teams analysis, as in- are they even that good?

-The guys subject Bob to redesigning the Senators jerseys

-Bob has an idea that you should listen to

-A big thanks

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Ben and Giles got together on election night to avoid the madness, and made a podcast.

-Some political talk(but not really)

-Why last week sucked for Wild fans

-Why this week might not be much better

-Optimism? Who said anything about optimism?

-Twitter Q&A!

-Goalie talk!

-Can you name three MN tourist attractions? We can't.

-Questions meant to make us fight, thanks everyone

-The Flyers jersey, with a #hot #taek

-Some U of M vs UND nostalgia

-We almost forget a noteworthy milestone

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