10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Giles and Ben are joined by Pioneer Press sportswriter Chad Graff at a local bar.

-Chad talks about covering teams with midseason swoons

-Chad has a Bryz story that does not disappoint

-Also a good Ryan Suter story, surprisingly enough

-We ask Chad about his feelings on the Barclays Center booting the Isles

-We all watch a minor car accident

-Chad answers the tough questions, about jerseys and soup

-Giles tells a story about the High Five that never was


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It's the annual Winter Meltdown episode! Giles and Ben post up at the Twins Daily Winter Meltdown and interview a cavalcade of stars!

-First joined by Dan and Pete of the Twins and Losses Podcast

We talk wrestling, soccer, and what it's like to escape from your mom's basement and meet all of your online friends IRL. We try to talk about the Wild, but we're very distracted by everything still, and Pete tried to sit on a bench that wasn't there, and then said a naughty word, turning this podcast explicit rated. 

-Then we're joined by Tom Schreier of ColdOmaha.com

Tom has an exciting announcement! What could it be...?

-Next we were joined by our official Friends friend of the show Heather Rule, who writes everywhere, because she's awesome. 

We talked about whether Bruce Boudreau would be haunted by Game 7s with a franchise that's never lost one, and how gosh darn fun it is to be on top of the west. Also, lots of *Friends* talk, including the best sports moments from everyone's favorite 90's sitcom.

-Finally, we're joined by the Giggly Godfather himself, John Bonnes

John admits his lack of hockey knowledge, but then proceeds lay down some pretty good observations about the current Wild team, including called Ben out on his Yeo-defense at last year's Meltdown. We wrap up the show thanking John for the years at Wild Xtra, and he compliments us in return, because he's such a nice guy. 

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Giles and Ben are joined by former GatG goalie Charlie Beattie, and have a captive audience from Tom Schreier at the local bar.

-Is Giles taking up goaltending?

-The week that was, is it wise to be concerned about the Wild?

-Hockey Day Minnesota discussion

-Charlie's experience working that day

-Looking ahead to a short Central Division heavy week

-The guys unsurprisingly divert to announcer discussion

-Who likes Joe Buck, anyway? 

-Redesigning the Dallas Star jerseys, without the Mooterus

-The guys introduce Tom to the flag of Bonnyville, Alberta and the crest of Chur, Switzerland, both classic GatG moments


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Giles and Ben are joined by Declan Goff from ESPN 1500 and the Puck Dynasty Podcast at their usual hangout.

-Ben goes on a rant about mascot violence while remaining comically PG

-To pull or not to pull Carey Price

-The guys talk about Darcy Kuemper and all of his mental issues

-So the Wild are good then?

-The change in the Wild

-The week ahead (It's a trap)

-Going over the preseason over/unders at the halfway point

-The guys redesign the Devils jerseys, but not really

-Declan has a story that leaves Giles speechless

-Is Chili a soup?

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Giles and Ben are joined by a special guest, Tom Schreier from ColdOmaha.com at their local bar.

-Tom has a lot of opinions and hot takes to share

-Is this team good now? We discuss dog crap.

-The week in review

-World Juniors talk, are these Wild kids good, or what?

-Tom bashes Mike Yeo, praises Boudreau

-Tom bashes Mike Yeo again

-Tom bashes Mike Yeo another time

-Looking ahead to a very tough week for the Wild

-Redesign the Habs jerseys? What could we possibly change?

-Our favorite/least favorite current NHL sweaters are discussed

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Giles and Ben meet after the closing of Wild Xtra at their usual spot to talk Wild.

-The guys talk about Wild Xtra and what it meant to them

-Mad props to Jordan Schroeder

-A recap of the great wins last week

-A recap and reaction to the big game with Columbus

-A preview of the West Coast road trip

-New Years Resolutions for several Wild players

-Twitter Q & A!

-Some good questions from France

-Some fun regression talk

-Lets talk Prospects!

-Some Centennial talk

-Redesigning the Kings jerseys (rubs hands together)



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