10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Giles and Ben record live from the Cold Omaha Studios with a Guest! Ken Boehlke from Sinbin.Vegas joins us to talk about the players he wants to steal.

-Giles reports back from a Wedding

-The Blackhawks game- was it a big deal or nah

-Wild trade deadline prospects

-Kurtis Gabriel- Dumb or Really Dumb?

-Our over/under predictions at the Quarterpole

-Our guest Ken has his eye on a Wild player that ends in 'ason Zucker'

-Who else does Ken want from the Wild?

-More insights from Sin City Hockey

-The guys hash out a new design for the Blue Jackets

-The has been a trade! Live on air!

-RTing fake accounts... don't do it

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Giles and Ben return to the Midway Studio to record during Hockey Day in America.


-A brief week in review. John Gibson good, Stars bad, Perds ugly.

-Gustav Olofsson- Giles approves.

-Twitter Q&A!

-Is it safe to be a Wild fan now?

-Should the Expansion draft lists be released?

-Predictions for the trade deadline


-What the Tuch?

-Blackhawks jerseys, and Native mascot talk

-The Therrien-Julien saga, version 2.0

-Ben's advice for the 'bye week'

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Giles and Ben record at an all new location, and discuss the Wild.

-The Goalie Controversy that wasn't at all a controversy

-Dumb talking heads on NBCSN

-Let's talk expansion! Sure, why not?

-The Wild faced a backup goalie, and it went well

-The 'Nyquist Incident'

-Twitter Q&A!

-Giles considers his ban on food questions

-The guys talk Eric Staal's struggles

-Jersey time! The Red Wings are redesigned, well, not really

-Original Six jersey discussion follows

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Ben and Giles return to a familiar format, talking hockey.

-Anything we missed? Sure, kinda.

-Why the Wild's play as of late isn't actually concerning

-Is Dubnyk correcting or falling out of the sky?

-Wild sign Alex Stalock. Get your mind right.

-Twitter Q&A!

-Deadline deals? Anyone? Bueller?

-Brief discussion about game scores.

-TWO jerseys this week, but easy ones Flames and Bolts

-Big Thanks

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