10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Giles and Ben get together late on a Friday night at an unnamed bar and grill.

-The guys recap Giles' defeat in Bags that night

-Wild looked good, then bad.

-Giles reviews Beauty and The Beast

-Lots of Dubnyk talk, as the articles about him come fast and furious

-Did Martin Hanzal ruin the Wild? Ben has opinions.

-Some bar patron cameos

-The guys discuss facing the Blues vs the Perds

-Perds jerseys! Their opinions will not surprise you

-NCAA hockey talk. Spoiler: Giles is happy


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Giles and Ben meet at the Midway studio to discuss the freefalliing Wild.

-A new intro for all you muggles

-The Wild played 4 games last week, how many did they win?

-The guys notice a pattern in the Wild loses

-How much is Dubnyk the problem?

-An explanation of anti-pessimism

-Twitter Questions!

-Is Chuck Fletcher to blame yet? Is Martin Hanzal?

-An Anti-UND tweet, and a pro-Bulldog tweet

-Some thoughts on the end of the season approaching

-Redesigning the Jets jerseys, somehow, some way

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Giles and Ben got together at the Midway Studios and discussed the Wild after a Sunday matinee against the Blackhawks

-The week in review. We both missed a game, sorry.

-Matt Dumba vs "Strib Commenters"

-Breaking down the Wild vs Blackhawks

-Twitter Q&A

-Are the Wild coasting now? Ben has a theory

-How can the Wild beat the Blackhawks?

-Is Devan Dubnyk causing concern?

-Is Darcy Kuemper a top 5 NHL backup?

-Giles' relives his time spent covering the Boy's High School Hockey Tourney

-Washington jersey talk, will they switch to the throwbacks?


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Giles and Ben meet in their natural habitat with Wild Xtra Alum and Gone Puck Wild Writer Brett Marshall.

-Giles was late

-Something grinds Giles' gears. It's somewhat Batman/movie related, unsurprisingly

-They recap the week that was, a pretty solid week

-Ben gets to rant. It's somewhat defending a goalie, unsurprisingly

-Anything noteworthy from the last week?

-Looking ahead to a tough, tough week

-The guys discuss the coming Sharks jersey overhaul

-Brett answers the tough questions

-All of the guys talk High School Hockey Tourney, hot taeks abound

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It's a special GatG, as the guys meet over the interwebs to cover the events of the trade deadline.

-A very poorly executed but topical intro

-Why the first joke of the show sounds forced

-The Hanzal trade, and what we think about it

-Who is Ryan White?

-What trades did we like this week?

-What trades concerned us?

-Final takes on everything

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