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Happy Memorial Day weekend! Giles & Ben were out of town, but they still got in a show over the weekend. To celebrate the 100 episode mark that the show crossed this year, they compiled some of their favorite clips from all the shows. 

The list includes:

-Episode 1: The Pilot/The James Taylor Episode

-Episode 13: Chur, Switzerland

-Episode 18: Giles hates the Avalanche

-Episode 23: The Big Omelette story

-Episode 26: Icetheticks

-Episode 36: Batman Rankings

-Episode 40: The 1st soup debate

-Episode 50: The Mooterus jersey

-Episode 52: Giles sings Pitbull

-Episode 62: Wedding Winnebago

-Episode 67: When to visit the Twin Cities

-Episode 85: Charlie impersonates Kenny Albert

-Episode 87: Chad Graff's Bryzgalov story

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Ben & Giles are in the Midway Studios for a Monday Night Podcast. Topics include:

-Giles talks about a sports team he likes that did a good thing.

-The Nino Niederreiter/Matt Dumba trade rumors.

-Potential players to trade Nino/Dumba for.

-Timothy Jimothy Oshie (#notoneofus)

-Wild goaltenders are reviewed.

-Ben gives a hot take on a Wild coach.

-Favorite NCAA hockey jerseys.

-Giles almost forgets the mailbag.

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A Mother's Day Edition of GatG sees Ben & Giles back at their regular establishment. Topics include:

-Giles addresses the biggest NHL news of the week.

-Minnesota Wild defenseman get reviewed.

-Who will the Wild trade with this offseason?

-Recapping the second round of the NHL playoffs.

-Ovechkin trade discussion, because no one else has talked about this.

-Hatable factors about every remaining team in the playoffs.

-Rankings of the teams remaining by jerseys.

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Ben & Giles are back on Cinco De Mayo to record this week. Topics include: 

-Giles celebrates Cinco De Mayo.

-Wild injuries for key Vegas targets are revealed.

-A rundown of all the forwards on the roster (literally all of them).

-Giles vents on Paul Kariya…again.

-New Wild jersey concept for next year.

-NHL Playoff Talk.

-The Crosby/Niskanen hit.

-The Mailbag is opened!

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Giles & Ben are joined by Joe Bouley (@JoeBou15) from Hockey Wilderness for some podcast fun. Topics include:

-What's a davenport?

-Mike Milbury has made everyone angry, again.

-The Wild's end of season media session is discussed.

-More thoughts about Chuck Fletcher's future.

-Eric Staal's frightening injury.

-Mike Yeo, coaching extraordinaire!

-Analytics: Good or bad?

-Poking fun at the biggest loser of the draft lottery.

-Random 2017 draft facts.

-Our guest gets asked our two big questions.

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