10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Presented by Pick and Shovel Wear (@pickandshovelMN) and Bad Weather Brewery (@BadWeatherBrew)! Giles and Ben are joined by Derek (@stateofstats) from The Athletic Minnesota for some puck talk! Topics include:

-Derek gives some great analysis on the Vikings game!

-The guys discuss the Mikko Koivu contract extension.

-Thoughts on the preseason so far.

-As expected, the merits of analytics are discussed.

-Our password for the Pick and Shovel Wear giveaway is revealed.

-The GatG mailbag is opened!

-Imagining Detroit Red Wings third jerseys next year.

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Presented by Pick & Shovel Wear (@pickandshovelMN)! Ben & Giles are back at Tin Whiskers Brew (@TinWhiskersBrew) to break in the 2017-18 season! Topics include:

-A recap of what the guys did this summer.

-Giles has a few gears to grind.

-Breaking down all the news that happened since the last show.

-A word from our sponsors Tin Whiskers and Pick & Shovel Wear (listen for the promo code).

-The GatG mailbag is opened and there was a lot of questions! Perhaps a new food debate is upon us!

-Our infamous jersey segment, as we look at designing a new Wild third jersey for next year.

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