10K Rinks Radio - A Minnesota Wild Podcast

Jessi Pierce of NHL.com and The Athletic joined the show this week! Topics include:

-A grind my gears segment that gets both hosts riled up.

-The past week for the Minnesota Wild is reviewed.

-The week ahead is previewed.

-Your hilarious Bruce Boudreau quote of the week.

-Jessi Pierce jumps on the show to talk about the start of the season, injuries, and of course, the trademark questions.

-A new weekly wager.

-Imagining a Montreal Canadiens third jersey.

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Ben & Giles survived the long layoff and returned for a new show! Topics include:

-Giles gripes about the Wild schedule to open the season.

-The last week of news and games for the Wild are reviewed.

-Is Devan Dubnyk a top ten goalie in the NHL?

-A week with three (!!!) games is previewed.

-The Bruce Boudreau Quote of the Week!

-A brief update on the Iowa Wild.

-The Weekly Wager on Wild games this week.

-Imaging Pittsburgh Penguins third jerseys for next year.

-Last week's mailbag is finally gone through!

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Craig Custance of The Athletic joined Giles, Ben, and producer Tom Schreier for a special mid-week show! . Topics include:

-Can the Wild afford to swoon in October?

-Some NHL thoughts from Craig.

-Craig gives a preview of his book "Behind the Bench".

-What jersey did Craig regret not getting from his Atlanta days?

-Is Craig on Team Soup or Team Soup is Not A Meal.

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Ben & Giles are back at unnamed bar and grill for some Sunday fun! Topics include:

-Giles shares a long winded grind my gears!

-The past Minnesota Wild week is reviewed.

-The upcoming Minnesota Wild week is previewed.

-Bruce Boudreau Quote of the Week!

-A Jagr themed Weekly Wager!

-A Calgary Flames third jersey is imagined.

-Final Thoughts.

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Presented by Pick and Shovel Wear (@pickandshovelMN)!
Evan Sporer (@ev_sporer) of Sporting News joins the podcast as the guys recap the first week of the season.

Topics Include:

-A review of the back to back losses to open the season.

-The short schedule of the week ahead is previewed.

-Evan gives his thoughts on the Wild this season.

-The Pominville trade is reviewed.

-Evan talks about his season with the Wild.

-Another fascinating Charlie Coyle story is shared.

-The Bruce Boudreau Quote of the Week.

-GatG Mailbag is opened.

-Weekly Wager.

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Presented by Pick & Shovel Wear (@pickandshovelMN)!

Ben & Giles are joined by fellow Zone Coverage Wild writers Tom Schreier (@tschreier3) & Heather Rule (@hlrule) to preview the Minnesota Wild season! Topics Include:

-Predicting the Twins playoff game.

-Wrapping up the Wild preseason.

-Headlines to begin the regular season.

-Minnesota Wild over/unders.

-Boudreau Quote of the Week.

-Imagining Carolina Hurricanes third jerseys.

-A Weekly Wager.

-A tribute to the late Dave Strader.

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